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Pick and choose

Making the bed this morning, I stubbed my toe while pulling the blanket over the pillows. And while doing laundry one of my white socks was gray, as it fell from some blue jeans in a dark load. I made spaghetti and used fresh sliced French roll with garlic butter and parmesean cheese for my garlic bread and only heated in oven for 5 minutes – croutons was what it reminded me of – I still ate them though. I messaged with some family & friends between day off daily doings… cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, food prep for work lunches, more dishes. Even if a lot of things could have gone wrong; hearing that the spaghetti was really good….well I’ll take that. I’ll remember that today. I’ll remember the smile that crept up on my face while I read my messages. And I will remember how I felt when I heard this…

Until the day is over, you’ll remember it for something else.

If I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve or getting my big girl panties in a bunch, I have a choice. It’s a choice. I’m practicing to chose to reflect on the good. I know when I went to hang the clean towels in the bathroom, the toilet was clean. The sink counter wasn’t sticky. (That will last until I fix my hair and walk out the door again.) When I took the folded laundry into the bedroom, my bed was made up pretty. And just now as I went to turn off the kitchen light, the dishes were done and stovetop clean and counter tops too. So my toe is a little sore, so I have a white and gray sock, so my garlic bread was crunchy. Until the day is over, you’ll remember it for something else.

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