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Things for granted..

Sometimes thoughts seem so clear, so precise. Planning to write or call or even send a text. Then a day passes.

The self talk that begins on its own until its hushed. Has it gone unnoticed that self talk can mirror kids bullying?

Repeat after me. You is smart (I’m smart) You is kind (I’m kind) You is important (I’m important) No bully zone! Especially within self talk.

Even though I am typing away with the thoughts off the top of my head, I still fight shaking my head thinking why am I even trying a blog?

A movie jerked my chain … a movie? I had enough time to watch a movie but couldn’t write in here? (I did not view the movie in one setting, it was on breaks during 12 hour shifts.) Speaking of, I have started this 5 times now. Each time a distraction would arise, I just hit return and come back to it.

One day I’ll actually just structure paragraphs. The fact that connecting with another human being – even if just for a moment – can be life changing; intrigues me wonderfully…… and not something to take for granted.