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Only those who care about you, can hear you when you’re quiet.

While observing, I have noticed many differences in the characteristics of friends and family.

As I finally stepped out of thoughts of having to be center of attention.

When my head fell from my rear end. I am grateful that day passed!

During a quiet dispute, I noticed someone not engaging in the energy. And later realized a calm silence.

At the same time noticed a friend whom generally spoke a lot not saying much and observing more.

Stepping back and not trying to pry, later mentioned I was aware. They were surprised that I was paying that much attention.

Sometimes being quiet about something, and not engaging in bad energy, is powerful progress. Not a power trip, but growth.

The weird thing, I didn’t even realize that I was. I saw, because I recognized similarities in my own life.

So now, when I notice the silence, I truly care and am willing to be there in the quiet.

Pollinators of kindness & love may we be.