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Only those who care about you, can hear you when you’re quiet.

While observing, I have noticed many differences in the characteristics of friends and family.

As I finally stepped out of thoughts of having to be center of attention.

When my head fell from my rear end. I am grateful that day passed!

During a quiet dispute, I noticed someone not engaging in the energy. And later realized a calm silence.

At the same time noticed a friend whom generally spoke a lot not saying much and observing more.

Stepping back and not trying to pry, later mentioned I was aware. They were surprised that I was paying that much attention.

Sometimes being quiet about something, and not engaging in bad energy, is powerful progress. Not a power trip, but growth.

The weird thing, I didn’t even realize that I was. I saw, because I recognized similarities in my own life.

So now, when I notice the silence, I truly care and am willing to be there in the quiet.

Pollinators of kindness & love may we be.
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Don’t let other people decide who you are.

Taking time to reach out.
Writing a letter
even – if it feels … a little
out of your comfort zone.

Once the pen hits the paper
sometimes it just flows,
then before you know it
your writing has changed.

You write in cursive, and
half of the words are printed.

Still have…
just one more thought before you close
and it’s like reading “the small print”

🙂 even if you use a prompt to write, before its over….its you, its your personality that comes through.

You may never know what your actions tell about you.

If you just go along with whoever or whatever or if you choose to take the path less traveled.

More times than not…

…that less traveled path…

has served me very well.

Trust yourself, do the next right thing even if you do it alone and without audience.