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Thoughts Screenshot

Looks like what my face says my mind is saying

Just like that….one thought leads to one direction, then in a blink of an eye, another, then another. In the sky is a perfect piece of art.

if only I could tell my face to not respond to random thoughts, haha. It contributes to the resting itch face. Even when thoughts just leave questionable reactions to every facial expression.

I just smiled when I read that. I also shook my head and questioned why did I?

Good golly gert, that almost explains the picture I took of the sky. 🙂

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Paper, Stamp, Envelope and Pen

Such a little word that can mean so much. 

Tonight sitting on the bench with a spiral college lined notebook, a roll of stamps, some white letter envelopes and a pen....
Flipping through this address book  the names bring a memory or thoughtful wishes come flooding my mind. 

Simply write a heartfelt message and address envelope to be mailed from the post office mail carrier...I almost hold my breath with anticipation of delivery.
And will a letter be mailed back? Will the excitement to check the mailbox everyday seem silly or hopeful? 

Seems like ... well I'll just have to wait and see. It is so nice to have something to look forward to again. 

The little things in hand written letters are magical. Just a little Day-Brighten-Upper let alone not a bill in the mailbox.

When I was asked what I'd like for Christmas, this year, I said a new address book. Many entries have been marked through to enter a new address several times. (Yes, I wrote them in ink.) I was lucky enough to receive that new address book and I have started to fill in the names, addresses, telephone numbers and even some notes! I am so excited! Oh yeah, I am using a pencil. Big grin.

Tonight I wrote for hours. Many letters and not too many entries in my new address book. But the ones I did get entered also will be receiving an envelope addressed to them. Once I started filling them in I just had to send a note too. There is a joy in my heart and a peaceful smile on my face that I do not always get from a text or an email. 

Putting pen to paper is therapeutic!

I am looking forward to dropping off these envelopes at the post office and picking up another roll of stamps!

Hi! .....